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4-22-06     Blink Blink Blink... has it really been over a year??!?
Well where to start... still at Monmouth but now the Midnight guy in NOC. At least I'm alone and have my tunes playing all night. I'm selling my Schroeder Cabinets... they are cool for what they do, but I need a single cab solution with studio quality HiFi tone. I'm replacing them with an Accugroove El Whappo.

11-10-04     Woah! a regular update! ;-)
I've taken some new shots of my gear... and made a little page 8-)
so all I was saying over the last couple entries is correct. I know own my Ultimate Rig!
Wake had a set back and lost the new drummer... but we are auditioning some and have a guy that might do. Stay tuned for more clips!

Any of you that know me from way back... Me and Augie are gonna try a Cyber Jam. We'll mail each other tracks and record our own parts. Should be killer!

10-18-04     OK.... another update! Job @ Monmouth is still cool, the Fretless Benavente is still the most amazing piece of craftsmanship and artistry I've ever witnessed in an instrument. Yorkville fizzled (too little too weak) and I picked up a Peavey Classic 400 all tube head. I've got my second Schroeder Cabinet on the way. I'm getting a 1212 to match to my 1210. So my Electric Bass Gear is almost My Perfect Rig

06-04-04     One day I'll get to more regular updates on this site. So, for now, a brief update again. Wake is going strong. Vic and I hooked up with a groovy jam guitarist named Rusty. Monmouth Telecom is still a WAY cool employer. I got my fretless 6 string Benavente and it completely smokes my fretted 5 string!!! I'm waiting on delivery of what just might be my end all in bass cabinets... a Schroeder 12/10 balls, punch, clarity, portability, oh yeah! So if the Traynor YBA200 all tube head lives up to my expectations, I will have my *Perfect Rig* 8-)

02-24-04     Brief Update... Again! I escaped my local Staples with only a minor brush to my ego 8-) and I'm now employed back in the Tech sector via a position with Monmouth Internet and life is looking good. I've hooked up with an amazing singer and we're in the progress of building a full band under the name WAKE. We've got a temp page with samples here. Here is the song 'Kin' as a rough take.

Watch for more!!! I think this might be the one!

12-14-03     Brief Update... I'm stuck in Retail Hell working at a local Staples. Still searching for a real job Still searching for a real band... I'm thinking Bass, Drums, Hammond, Flute doing Jam type stuff... Hmmmm

don't forget to check for MP3 updates... I've re-ordered the tracks and added 2 new songs. One fretless called Cut Up Nikol which is some random noise from a HCBF members song turned into to a rhythm track... and a fretted tune called Snowed which is one of my favorites so far

10-13-03     Well, things keep rolling... for better, for worse, not the matter... ever forward. :-/

I'm still bandless (don't even get me started on THAT drama). My new Benavente Fretless 6 string 51P is in production and geared up to visit Winter NAMM 2004 in January. It's to be just like the white one but fretless, 6 stringed and blue with one Dual Coil Pickup... well, minor other differences, but you get the idea 8-).

In other Bass News.... I'm finally getting a REAL bass!!!! I'm working out a deal with Andy Mckee for a Pre War East German Ply Double Bass in need of some repair. w00t!

09-01-03     Here we are, Sept 1st, Fall is in the air and I've been recording ever still.
Quick links:
Only I Shall Walk Away (I'll see you cut asunder)
Sitting with the Princess
Sunday Afternoon
The first was recorded last night on my Benavente 51 (Killer Bass). The other 2 were recorded a week or 2 ago on my Hamer fretless. Don't forget to click the MP3 link in the menu for more!

07-25-03     well, the country band broke up 2 weeks before my first gig... :rolleyes: professional musicians. I've updated my MP3 pages, please take a listen (and let me know what you think). I'm still getting the swing of the whole recording game.

06-03-03     All right, I'm going to aim for a once a month news update ;-) It's been a busy musical month, I'm jamming with cool couple guys in Point, trying to get the original stuff flowing and my semi-pro status has returned with the joining of After the Reign. Shows are booked... I'm just getting the tunes down. Within a month I'll step in for the live shows Woo Hoo! and Yeee Haaaww!

05-01-03     Long time no updates :( sorry, I've been extremely busy with house & home. My new Benavente has arrived 8-). Click here for the pictures, review & sound files

03-05-03     Ok, a quick update, I'm getting a really cheap tube head from Amy for my b'day. Check the guitars page for pictures.

03-03-03     What a date.... I'm getting the hang of Guitar Tracks, I did re-install Sonar, but it doesn't want anything to do with onboard sound (yeah, I NEED a real sound card). I've got a nice 70's Fender Twin Reverb tone going with the Strat and J-Station, and taking the line out of the Ashdown for the Bass stuff... Give a Listen, it's a song (kind of) that I've strummed on the acoustic for 10 years. I'm still writing the bass line and structure, but I love the feel.

02-26-03     Haha! I finally got around to installing new DAW software (for lack of room and latency issues I went with the freebie 'Guitar Tracks' Cakewalk that came with my J-Station.... I NEED a new sound card!). In testing and configuring I worked and reworked a little 40 sec groove. Amy liked it, so I mixed it down and am offering it up for anyone that wants a listen 8-) Here ya go!

02-20-03     As you may or may not be aware of... Our Area was just dumped with >2 foot of SNOW!!!!. We spent a day snowed in... We did get into the back yard too play with the dogs thou. Here are some pictures of the First day of the Snow (It fell for another 24 hours before it was done).

02-19-03     OK!!! the initial upload of Hartsafire v2.0 is in place. I'm going to have the filler pages replaced ASAP. I just felt I needed to upload it as is and tackle each page down the list.... well, sorry for the mess and stay tuned 8-)

02-11-03     Thanks for stopping by! I'm attempting to budget some time to get this site finished. I just went live with the new Benavente Guitars Web Site I'm pleased with the outcome, I was afraid I wouldn't do Chris' masterpieces justice. The final pieces of the LowEnd are in place. If you are interested in discussing using Hartsafire's Web Design services please email me. More information will be provided on this site in the near future.

01-29-03     Time has passed us by again... New year, new stuff. If you found me via a "Site Design by" link on a site... I'll be revamping this with the services I offer soon. If you haven't reached me by a site I've designed, visit The LowEnd and have a look for starters. Brian is more then a bass sales guy... he's THE guru of tone. Definitely talk to him about Benavente basses. and all the wonderful toys he sells.

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