James Hart's (aka speddling) Benavente 51 series
delivered April 23, 2003

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Hands down THE most alive bass I've ever touched. I lack the vocabulary to communicate how amazing the instrument is. Visit the Benavente site to learn more... Visit Brian @ the LowEnd to order one. 8-)

UPDATE: 12-14-2003:
8 months later and this bass still kicks the asses of every other bass I've ever played! I'd own a dozen if'n I had the cash

Sound Clips

All tracks either direct to sound card or through Ashdown Mag combo DI. Recorded in Cakewalk
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  1. Yipee-ki-ay SIT Flats
  2. Movin To it D'Addario Prisms (stainless rounds)
  3. After The Sadness SIT Flats
  4. Easing Against the Flow SIT Flats
  5. Snowed D'Addario Prisms (stainless rounds)
  6. Obligatory Politeness SIT Pressurewounds
  7. Still They Sleep SIT Flats
  8. Open Roads SIT Flats
  9. Fred Street SIT Flats
  10. Release SIT Flats
  11. For My Princess SIT Pressurewounds
  12. Only I Shall Walk Away (I'll see you cut asunder) SIT Flats
  13. Nuthin' but a 'G' thang SIT Flats


96 (115K)

benavente_51p-02 (94K)

benavente_51p-05 (85K)

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